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What do you call a technology that solves this problem?

Dynamic Neck


At Kapsul, we recognize the many advancements in head and body protection in sport. But, to date the neck remains neglected in protective solutions. This is the problem we set out to solve. Our collar is based on three principles that ensure our lightweight and flexible technology allows for all the dynamic movements you need as an athlete while stabilizing and supporting your neck. Our Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology does more than help protect you from debilitating neck and head injuries — it empowers you to do what you love as often, as intensely, and for as long as possible.
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Unparalleled protection

We call it unparalleled because we are the only Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology product on the market, on the field, in the snow — wherever sport happens. Our patented solution helps protect the neck (and brain) by placing a closed-cell, viscoelastic foam against the skin to help reduce joint acceleration.

Freedom to Move

Designed to mimic the human neck, the soft Kapsul collar allows for full range of motion while supporting and stabilizing the neck.

Play longer, train harder

During activity, your muscles fatigue which can potentially weaken them. This can lead to reduced performance and increased vulnerability to pain, strain, or injury. Our lightweight collar supports the neck, helping athletes stabilize their neck, minimizing the risks associated with muscle fatigue.

Kapsul Tech
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Revolutionizing the science of protection.

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Kapsul in Action

Our team believes the heart of all sports is found in amateur athletes. This belief drives us to help athletes of all kinds, at all levels, in any sport participate, perform and pursue their passions. Athletes need support on and off the field — what better way to provide that support then by highlighting athletes who are already embracing our Kapsul collar.