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As an ingredient brand, we’re always looking for like-minded brands to partner with us. Our goal is to integrate our neck collar into your current product lines or innovate new products with you by leveraging our patented technology.

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Innovation in performance and protection technology is core to the progression of sport. Athletes of all types, across all disciplines, are pressing the boundaries of what’s possible and in turn, requiring a faster evolution in the products that keep them safe. Kapsul seeks to provide high quality solutions for the neck and spine, an area of the body that deserves the highest level of focus. I am happy to be part of this organization pioneering technologies that will ultimately allow athletes to do the things they love with a reduced risk of neck injury, further advancing what’s possible.
David Dimartini
Former Chief Marketing Officer, POC Sports

The story. Why the neck?

Why partner with us?

Research& Validation

Our focus is on being the neck experts for athletes of all skill levels in any sport. That’s why we continue to dedicate our time to objective and subjective testing while researching the efficacy of the Kapsul collar. Testing means engaging with athletes all around the world in all types of sports. It also means testing with some of the most elite athletes in extreme conditions and military members. To date, we have completed over 2,500 subjective studies of the Kapsul collar with athletes and military personnel. Kapsul has been put through rigorous testing in extreme environments to make sure it works in all conditions. We have partnered with world-renowned universities and invested in Finite Element Method (FEM) testing to prove the efficacy of the collar.
*Independent test conducted by One9 Strategies using active and retired Canadian Special Forces members. Q3 2021


Subjective trials completed


Kapsul™️ used in 26+ sports/military and workplace verticals


Unanimous consensus during military trials that the Kapsul™️ collar reduced fatigue and did NOT interfere with tactical movements or body armor

the Gap

Despite innovation in both head protection (helmets) and body protection, the neck remains neglected. As new information and research emerge, innovation must follow. Research shows a deeper connection between the neck/whiplash and head injuries. At the same time, there’s a gap in research in protection and performance apparel to help mitigate the risks of injury or fatigue that directly impact the neck. From our testing, our Kapsul collar neck stabilization solution has been appreciated by athletes of all ages and abilities.  

This gap in protection is crucial to address in youth and female athletes. Younger athletes have underdeveloped neck muscles, and female’s natural biomechanical makeup is prone to have less muscular density around the neck, which means they’re more inclined to neck and head injuries. This gap and the limited solutions in the market when it comes to neck protection gear, provides our brand partners and Kapsul the opportunity to enhance existing or create new categories in athlete protection.

The Three Principles

These three principles help tell a story with our brand partners. It connects with athletes, is relevant to their sport and considers their specific needs. Our solution – Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology – is the only neck support product on the market that can safely help protect athletes from injury without impeding their range of motion or freedom to do what they love.

Unparalleled Protection

We want our brand partners to bring a new level of performance and protection to their athletes! Leveraging our patented Dynamic Neck Stabilization Technology allows your brand to protect a part of the body that’s been historically neglected. The neck has never been provided a product that supports and stabilizes while allowing for a full range of motion and mobility. The unobtrusive Kapsul collar does this and, when integrated with your soft or hard goods, provides something to your athletes that they may or may not have thought was possible.

Freedom to Move

As neck experts, we look to athletes and their favorite brands to understand how we can best help them. We know they are constantly battling the need for protection and the desire for true mobility. Being slowed down isn’t an option. We have taken this to heart when designing the Kapsul collar. Testing on the most elite and military athletes, we know that the collar will stabilize, but not limit — keeping athletes at the top of their game. Who better to show them this but brand partners like you.

Train Harder, Play Longer

Athletes want to stay in their game as long as possible, and they look to their favorite brands to help them do that. By partnering with Kapsul, we can do just that — all while helping your brand stand apart from the crowd. With the Kapsul collar integrated into your brand apparel or protection gear, your athletes’ neck joint is more stabilized. They get more out of their muscles because they’re properly supported. Kapsul technology helps athletes play and train harder, longer and safer.

Working with us

Are you interested in learning more about partnering with Kapsul and our patented solution?
Co-development process

We take co-development very seriously. That’s why we bring our testing, research, marketing, and product teams to the table to make the process as robust and helpful as possible. Kapsul allows for customization of several features, ensuring the brand and athletes’ needs are met.

Seamless Intergation

Kapsul has gone through multiple development iterations focusing on fit, mobility, and how it works with other protective gear. Working with Kapsul, your brand will experience how the product can be seamlessly integrated into your existing hard or soft goods or be a part of your new product development process. Our patented product allows the “recipe” to be customized based on the sport and its specific requirements, including sweat-wicking, heat control, or fire-retardant.

Testing & research

Safety standards and regulations are in their infancy when it comes to the neck, so it’s essential to bring our research and testing results and processes to the brands we work with. Kapsul has invested in the clinically validated Finite Element Method (FEM) testing to prove the efficacy of the collar. We have also tested the product in multiple sports and with the military. The product has gone through rigorous testing and adaptations, making it ready for consumer and professional markets.

Go to market support

We are invested in neck protection and continue to research, innovate and own the narrative around the importance of stabilizing and supporting this critical body part. As a brand partner, we want you to be a part of that narrative with us. We partner with brands, amateur and professional athletes, and the military to tell this story. We are investing in resources to support each brand as they go to market to create a wave of excitement around this story, bringing awareness to the gap in protection and the importance of this crucial joint.

Hunter Church
USABS Olympic Athlete

“With the constant head whipping that a bobsled pilot experiences, wearing the Kapsul collar has reduced head and neck pain that can be associated with taking runs. It is a staple of my sliding kit, to the point I feel like I never take it off! Kapsul is the perfect lightweight, supportive and non-restrictive neck support I have used through my time in sport.”

Active Member
Canadian Coast Guard

“I can say that there was a unanimous consensus that the Kapsul collar reduced fatigue and did not adversely affect or interfere with body armor or tactical movement."

Caroline Veyre
Boxing Canada – 2020 Olympian

I really do like to train with the Kapsul collar during my sparring [sessions]. It is comfortable and I feel safer. It allows me to give my 100%"

Boxing Canada- 2020 Olympian

I really do like to train with the kapsul collar during my sparring [sessions]. It is comfortable and I feel safer. It allows me to give my 100%"

Canadian Waterski Team

“The best thing about the Kapsul is it adds stability to my neck while jumping. It creates a less likely situation for whip lash.”

Brittany Arndt
USABS Athlete

"The Kapsul collar is such a great tool for me while training and racing. I’ve suffered from neck problems for a few years so it is a perfect way for me to take a lot of the impact that comes from training off of my neck. The support on my neck is great and I feel bumpy tracks less in my head and on my neck."

Duncan Segger
USA Luge Team

"Luge can take a real toll on your neck and previously the only support that we've had is a neck strap that runs from our thighs to the strap on our helmets. Kapsul helps to alleviate stress from our neck and head. I've been getting noticeably less headaches due to the lessened pressure on the top of my head from my neck strap. Overall, I'd say it makes our necks feel a lot more secure and adds a level of support when pushing our heads back."

Jerome Feujio
Canadian boxing national Team

"I love the way the Kapsul collar is protecting my neck, especially during sparring. I’m dealing with a lot of neck issues plus I’m a heavyweight so the punches are really strong. I cannot afford to have neck issues when I’m getting ready for a fight. The fact that I can finish few rounds of sparring without feeling any neck problems makes me really love it."

*These testimonials represent experiences/opinions of individual users and are not making claims or promises regarding safety. Users have not been incentivized by Kapsul.

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